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We are proud to have been instrumental in establishing the Digital Radio Service stage 1 project for Ergon Energy in Queensland.  This project has involved the installation of a series of linked P25 Trunked radio base sites across the Darling Downs / Dalby regions providing utility personnel with vastly improved communications and added operational safety.

The network has further required the building of some additional but necessary infrastructure to accomodate the base station equipment at a number of locations ranging from Toowoomba in the east to Millmerran in the western Darling Downs.

The solution provides for voice and data transmission and real time display update of GPS location to a central control site. 21 sites were completed earning praise from the praise of the Queensland government -
"Digital radio to the rescue ".

Stage 2 commenced in 2014 and will see the rest of Queensland gradulally built over a 3 years period allowing Ergon to provide good secure communications integrated with their electrical distribution network statewide.

To gain some insight into the scale of this project view Ergon Energy's service regions and depot's map. Ths distance from Bamaga on the tip of Cape York to Brisbane is 2,630km of 43 hours driving time (excluding breaks). Possibly these distances and the sparse settlement in northern Australia underscore the importance of this network.