Robert Lyell & Associates Pty Ltd
Project & Business Management Solutions

Software Solutions & Development
Robert Lyell & Associates has been involved in the provision of software solutions to business challenges for over 20 years developing many large scale business solutions for a variety of business uses. Our solutions utilise as approprtaie commercial-of-the-shelf software applications, customer designed and built applications and a combination of both integrated to provide the required solution.
Some samples of our work are listed below.
Falls Analyzer TM
Resident Falls Analysis Siftware Tool for Aged Care Facilities.     
Contractor Management
Custom Contractor Management applications to cater for a particular set of OH&S requirements for the Asphalt, Concrete, Quarries & Transport businesses of a national building materials manufacturer.
Asset Management
Custom Asset Management applications for field use and upload into central server based enterprise applications, including Mex, Asset Manager and various other suites.
Fuel Fraud Detection Analysis Tool
Custom application to import fuel transaction records from major Fuel Supplier and analyse fuel usage by employee, vehicle, type of transaction and other relevant criteria.
GPS Communications Equipment Fault Logging Tool
Custom developed application for the logging, reporting and pro-active analysis of equipment faults.
Prototyping of business requirements to test solutions and gain user feedback during systems analysis and design.