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Public Safety Communications 

Public safety covers a broad range of activities and events that directly or indirectly affect the general public. In Australia this includes many public authorities and organisations charged with the specific purpose of ensuring the safety of the public.
Activities include maintaining law and order (police), responding to medical emergencies (ambulance), protection against fire (fire services), control of our borders (customs and immigration), control of air travel and traffic (air services), ensuring the delivery of utilities and services (power, water and sewerage) all have some impact on ensuring the protection and safety of the general public from significant harm or injury from events such as crime, accidents, fire, terrorism, contamination and all manner of disaster both natural and man-made.
One key aspect in providing such services to the public is accurate and timely communications providing each service with the relevant information to perform its duties effectively. A number of major disasters in Victoria (bushfires), New Zealand (earthquake), Japan (sunami), Norway (criminal attack), and American / UK (terrorism) have all demonstrated the need to effective communications.
Type of communication vary according to need, bust most definitely include - two way radio, data services, encryption, broadcast services, computer aided dispatch, tracking and much more. In todays age these are ever increasing in demand and complexity.
Robert Lyell & Associates are proud to support the public safety sector.

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