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Information  Technology
BPR / BPI    

Systems Design & Implementation
  • OTRS Help Desk & IT-Service Management - open source highly configurable tailored software solutions that heavily reduce the procurement and operating costs to business.
  • Contractor Management - centralised contractor tracking and compliance management system. (Design, build, test and implement)
  • National Docketing System (NDS) - PC front end systems encompassing sales orders , quotations, cartage, pricing, cash management integrating with Boral's core business systems. (Modify, build, test and implement)
  • Chris21  Application & Training Module (Feasibility study for use as training booking system)
  • ITIL pilot implementation for application support.
  • Create application user group to take ownership of requested changes and modifications, release management.
  • CONAD concrete laboratory system integration with Oracle Financials.
  • Qestmix & QestLab - Concrete Mix Design Management System and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) integration with Oracle Financials.
  • Oracle 10.7 implementation (Business Systems Analysis)
  • Sales Quotation, Pricing and Margin Management SB+ application suite (design, build, test and Implement).
  • Design, development and implementation of smart rules driven pricing engines for asphalt, pre-mixed concrete and quarry products with or without delivery in IBM SystemBuilder+, Oracle, Visual Basic, Borland C++ and a variety of other languages.
  • Various custom app suites design and build in a wide range of programming languages
  • Oracle applications  and modules, Sales & Marketing , Order Management , Advanced Pricing, Dartamart, Inventory and  Financials and custom built applications - Customer Order Management, Oracle Docking Module & Oracle Carter Module (Business Systems Analysis)
  • Data conversion and cleansing - PickUniverse, SB+, AS400 and Spectra systems to Oracle applications.
  • Data conversion and cleansing from multiple legacy systems to Oracle 10.7 and 11i.
  • Concrete & Asphalt Batching Systems - Compubatch , Eagle and Gedge Batching Systems - Project manager systems integration and upgrade.
  • Weighbridge Systems - Mettler Toledo, Newcastle Weighing, Gedge & Ranger - Project manager integration with Boral's dispatch systems.

Software Testing Management
Testing Management - Enterprise & Standalone Applications
  • Command Alkon Managed testing for all Sales, Pricing, Dispatch management integrated with laboratory mix design management suite, materials Batching, Ticketing and Vehicle Tracking. A very large scale and complex testing program.
  • QESTMix and QESTLab - Victorian concrete businesses - system and user acceptance testing management. 
  • System testing of renovated code SB+ business systems - Victoria and Tasmania for code modernisation.
  • System testing Oracle custom built applications - Oracle Docketing Module and Oracle Carter Module.
  • User acceptance testing SB+ business systems - Construction materials industry. 
  • User acceptance testing Oracle 11i - Boral's Victorian and Tasmanian regional businesses.
  • Oracle 10.7 to 11i Upgrade (Software testing management).  
  • User acceptance testing National Docketing System releases
  • User acceptance testing Pick/Universe/SB+ business systems.
  • Software Testing Management - Enterprise and standalone systems, including Oracle, SB+, VB, Access & many more. Extensive experience in system and user acceptance testing
Business Process Improvement/Re-engineering & Statutory Compliance
  • Year 2000 Project -  Managed all Boral Victorian and Tasmanian businesses; and NSW Construction Related Businesses. Project entailed the systematic identification and testing of all hardware and software with date related functinality; code renovation of large enterprise business systems; procurement and replacement of aged IT assets. Implementation of asset management systems, software releasing processes and software coding practice.
  • GST Implementation & Business Systems Upgrade. Project manager  Victorian & Tasmanian business implementation covering pre-mixed concrete, quarry products, asphalt manufacture and contracting, transport and Waste Management.  
  • Recipient Created Tax Invoices (RCTI) processes and implementation.
  • Web enabled concrete cataloging processes design - Oracle applications.
  • Concrete and quarry products pricing Victoria & Tasmania, process re-design and implementation.
  • Transport pricing for Victorian & Tasmanian concrete and quarry businesses. 
  • Sales quotation systems and process re-design, build and change implementation.
  • Laboratory management system review, process re-design and improvement.
  • Concrete products catalogue development.
  • Asset management systems process review - construction materials industry an local government.
  • Sales Quotation and Pricing processes redesign. 
  • Sales Margin Management process improvement - construction materials industry. 
  • Business systems review and improvement - Asphalt industry.
  • State government financial grants process redesign and improvement..

** BPR - Business Process Re-engineering
     BPI  - Business Process Improvement

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