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Emergency Services Underground Radio Communications

In 2007 we were engaged to manage the installation of an integrated public safety two way radio solution interconnected to surface communications throughout a network of underground tunnels at one of Australia's major airports.

The solution provided emergency services first responders (fire fighters, police and ambulance) with APCO P25 digital communications using their normal radio communications equipment while underground. In the event of an emergency within the tunnels, communications throughout a series of tunnel sections stretching many kilometres may be easily achived.

The project was undertaken to enhance current technologies and involved the installation of some kilometres of radiating cable (leaky feeder) to facilitate a continuous antenna throughout the required
sections of the tunnel complex.

Interconnection of the entire system to surface mounted antenna along  with the installation of Tait TB9100 APCO P25 digital base station, diplexer, bi-directional amplifiers, UPS  and other associated equipment. All on site work was completed within a 4 week timeframe under extremely adverse working conditions with temperature below ground in excess of 40 degrees Celcius 24 hours a day.

The entire job was completed by a small team of skilled professionals each a specialist in their field.

This APCO P25 communications system provides first responders and other oublic safety persoannel with a now complete coverage of the entire area both above and below ground.

Once complete the communications systems was thoroughly tested jointly by the client, project team and local fire fighters to ensure complete coverage, compatibility and functionality.

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