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Our Aims
Robert Lyell & Associates Pty Ltd aim to become a company recognised for adding value and providing solutions that are cost effective, affordable and realistic, suiting individual businesses and their particular needs. Together with strategic partners we can deliver value adding opportunities for your business or organisations next challenge.


Robert Lyell & Associates Pty Ltd was founded to provide a business, implementation and project management consultancy bringing a highly practical and energetic approach to business challenges, utilising many years of successful hands on experience and knowledge. 
With more than 20 years of successful project management, analysis, design, implemention and testing a wide range of business processes, software and technology systems across small to large scale businesses and projects, there is a wealth of practical experience and knowledge available to clients to ensure the success of their next project.
Robert Lyell has been engaged with the aviation safety, building & construction, construction materials, transport, manufacturing, information technology, communication and public safety industries, plus federal, state and local government, continually seeking refinement of processes, practices, systems and to provide positive business outcomes. Robert's experience is backed up with business exposure to both private and public sector, including not for profit organisations.
As a certified and recognised project management professional Robert is able to provide suitable realistic solutions. Robert's associates and colleagues along with our many established partnerships deliver a wide range of experience in both the private and public sectors and across many industries.


Robert Lyell & Associates core values influence the business activities and decisions that are critical to our immediate and long term business success.

The foundation of our core values is our focus on Honesty. We seek to understand the truth and act in a truthful manner in our communications and conduct with our clients, staff, suppliers and contractors. As members of the global business community we will not engage in, or be partner to, deceptive conduct or dishonest behavior.

Maintaining an honest and open business approach requires good Leadership which is participative, encouraging, demanding and supportive for our clients, staff, suppliers and contractors. This is a characteristic we seek to foster at all levels.
The strength we develop from honesty and leadership provides an ideal basis for Partnering with selected organisations that value long term and mutually beneficial relationships. We actively seek to build business partnerships that are mutually beneficial and productive.

We strive to be the best in all things we do, building a new culture based on Persistence in the pursuit of improvement and excellence in our business dealing, interpersonal relationships and search for knowledge.


Underpinning the foundations of our business is the strong belief that Respect is the cornerstone of all relationships whether interpersonal or, business oriented. We aim to demonstrate respect in all our dealings with clients, staff, suppliers and contractors.


In order to maintain a consistent work life balance a genuine appreciation of the value of Family and Fun  in all facets of our business, it is the quintessential essence and passion for what we do - servicing our business partners, clients, staff and contractors while maintaining the work life balance necessary in the busy world of today.

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